Which Careers Can I Pursue With Trade School?

AwehJobs 20 May, 2022

There is a great misconception that the only way you can succeed in the workforce is with a four-year college degree. The truth is, there are so many blue-collar jobs that need to be filled. These occupations pay really well.

In some cases, blue-collar occupations can pay better than some white-collar jobs. Many manual labor, hands on career skills can be learned in trade school. Trade schools are institutions that teach vocational skills for the job force. Let's look at a few great careers you can start in trade school.

Automotive Mechanic

If you love working on vehicles, you can make a great income with an automotive mechanic career. This type of career training can be learned either on the job or at a trade school. Learning auto mechanics at trade school has the added benefit of providing you with important certifications to make you more marketable in the workforce.

Medical Assistants

Medical assistants often get their training and certification through a trade school. These professionals provide an important service in the medical industry. Medical assistants can find work in hospitals, doctor's offices, dental offices, and even veterinarian offices.


Today, many trade schools also offer training in manufacturing. This can include fabrication, welding, and other important skills that can be used in the manufacturing industry. When you get your training through a trade school you will have the added benefit of obtaining certifications in your chosen skillset as well as assistance with job placement.