Things Interviewers Will Never Admit to You

AwehJobs 15 November, 2021

Interviewers have guidelines, protocols, and laws they have to adhere to when they meet with you about a possible job. But that doesn’t mean they have to tell you every single thing they’re thinking. Here are some things interviewers will never admit to you.

They May Have a Candidate You Have to Beat

It’s possible they already have a favorite candidate in mind. They may just be hedging their bet and finishing up the interviews in case anyone else can “beat” the current favorite. In that case, you’re not competing for the job so much as competing against a mystery “favorite.”

The Interview May Only be a Formality

Depending upon how good you look on paper, you may already have the job, at least in their mind. The interview may just be a formality to make sure you’ve represented yourself accurately. One sign that this is the case is if the interviewer spends most of the time telling you about the job and the company. Just sit and listen and think of one good question for the end. After that, they’ll probably offer you the job on the spot.

Your Smoking Habit Could be an Obstacle

Smoking is legal and no one can discriminate against you for it. But if your interviewer is a non-smoker, and you wreak of stale cigarettes, this could put them off. Sure, you may get lucky and have an interviewer who’s keen to hire a “smoke break buddy,” but don’t take that chance. Do your best to come in smelling like fresh air, not nicotine.

They May be Looking For a Personality Type

Your interviewer may be trying to find someone who can deal with a micro-manager or a really chaotic work environment. If you don’t get chosen for a job like that, consider yourself fortunate.

Just realize that things go on behind the scenes of job interviews. It’s not always completely about you.