Sanitation Technician - Is It Right For You?

AwehJobs 22 March, 2021

In the last year, essential occupations have become quite the catchphrase. Many people are starting to realize the great importance of these jobs and have come to appreciate the fact that during a community, national or global emergency, these are the types of jobs that will stick. Sanitation work is solidly placed as an essential occupation. Keep reading to find out more about this important type of employment.

What Does Sanitation Work Involve?

Sanitation work in its most basic form involves the weekly disposal of residential or commercial waste from people's homes or companies. Sanitation workers usually work in pairs or teams. One member of the team will drive the sanitation vehicle while the others are physically responsible for making sure waste receptacles are emptied into the sanitation vehicle. This type of work is simple yet physically challenging. Sanitation workers can expect regular hours and easy to follow instructions that will stay consistent for long stretches of time.

Job Requirements and Pay

Sanitation technicians are often required to have at least finished high school. There are often physical fitness requirements which will include the ability to lift certain weights, and the ability to be on your feet for a certain amount of time. A legal driver's license is also necessary if you will be driving a sanitation vehicle. It is also very important that sanitation technicians understand safe driving laws as well as safety regulations concerning hazardous material. You will be required to complete safety training classes in order to perform your duties safely. Safety training will be necessary not only to keep the community safe but also yourself.

In the UK sanitation technicians can look to make about 9.12 an hour. Sanitation work is an essential occupation in your community which takes very little prior education or training.