How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

AwehJobs 25 July, 2019

Do resumes intimidate you? Are you not sure how to make yours stand out from the dozens or hundreds of other resumes that are being submitted? Although resume practices can be different, and each HR professional has their own set of do's and don'ts, here are a few tips that can help you make your resume stand out from the rest.

Customize Your Resume To the Job

This may take a little extra time but many HR professionals claim that this is well worth it. Make sure that each resume you submit has been customized to that particular company. You can do this by doing some research on the company first. Look for wording or catch phrases that are used often on their website or marketing material. Using these keywords in your resume naturally can help grab attention. This is also very helpful if your resume is being filtered digitally first.

Polish, Polish, Polish

You cannot have typos or errors in your resume. These will be seen as a sign of laziness and lack of attention to details. Have several people read over your resume. Different eyes will catch different mistakes.

Most Important Info Up Front

Do not assume that the HR professional reviewing your resume is going to get all the way to the last page. The most important information should be on page one. It is also a good idea to feature the most recent work you have done first. You can easily accomplish this by using reverse, chronological order. This allows the HR professional to see immediately what is most relevant.

Your resume is really your first impression on your future employer. Taking the time to make it a perfect representation of your skills and talents will greatly pay off in the end.