How to Help Your Friend Get Hired

AwehJobs 24 October, 2019

Do you have a friend that needs a job? The easiest path to landing a friend an income is if you have a job yourself and can recommend that friend to work at the same place you do. However, there are other ways too. He or she might be too overwhelmed and need help finding something. Here are a few tips for helping a friend get hired.

Personal Recommendation

It’s okay to do favors for a friend if that friend is qualified and deserves a break. If you’re okay with that, then dropping a few recommendations about your friend may help land them a job with your company. A large portion of individuals land top jobs through connections with others. 

Talk to your supervisors or team leaders at work and tell them about a great candidate you know. This personal recommendation will help the hiring managers to take a closer look instead of seeing your friend as a random applicant online.

Write A Great Reference

When your friend is applying for a job, write a great recommendation for them. Write about what a great person they are, but be honest. Make sure to leave your contact information so the company can contact you if they have questions.

Finally, your friend might be in a negative space right now in life and need help finding positions they are suited for. In that case, finding and applying for jobs for them can be a big help. Of course, in the end, they have to be committed to following through on their own. So make sure they know you're just helping out until they get back on their feet. 

And last? Give yourself a pat on the back for being a great friend!